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EchoAR Homepage

Video on EchoAR Workshop Tutorial

This URL is a video that demonstrates all you can do with EchoAR's cool technologies.

Wolfram Alpha API

Wolfram Alpha Homepage

Wolfram Alpha Redemption

This URL will take you to a sign-in page and prompt you to log in using your Wolfram ID. If you don't already have a Wolfram ID, you'll be prompted to create one using an active email address. Once logged in, you will see in the Downloads section which platforms of the software you have access to, with their accompanying activation keys. Please download the desktop version to your machine, boot up the application and use the associated activation key when prompted. This will grant you full access for 30 days from your activation date.

When you access Wolfram|One in the cloud for the first time, you can create a new notebook or load a pre-made Things to Try live notebook, which is designed to guide you through neat things you can immediately compute in the Wolfram Language.

You can use Wolfram|One to create instant web apps and APIs, or to deploy to mobile. The Wolfram Language is also bundled on the Raspberry Pi, where you can connect directly to hardware, including Arduino etc.

The fastest way to get an API up and running is detailed in the extensive Documentation Center available to you alongside your notebook: simply click the section in the documentation labeled Cloud and Deployment and select Instant APIs to access a handy how-to guide to help get you started.

To view your account details-- including your available Cloud Credits and Cloud storage-- or re-download Wolfram|One, visit the following page: https://account.wolfram.com/products

XYZ Domain Service

Video On XYZ Domain Service

Instructions on registering your free .xyz domain:

  1. Search for your .xyz domain, then “Go to checkout”
  2. Select a 1 year term
  3. Click “Next: Recommended Add-Ons” and choose any add-ons you’d like
  4. Click “Next: Information & Checkout” o Enter promo code: CUTIE20 → new total is $0.00
  5. Enter your contact details
  6. Choose PayPal or Credit Card as preferred payment method
  7. Check ✓ the box next to “I agree to...”
  8. Click “Submit Order”